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    Auditions for Fiddler’s Three by Agatha Christie


    Trying to get their hands on more than a little inheritance group of people hide the body of a dead
    tycoon. But what starts as a lark quickly becomes all too serious when they discover that the body is in
    fact a murder victim.
    A comedy about business and finance with a strong undercurrent of criminal activity, the play combines
    humor, intricate plotting, and a confounding murder.

    September Audition Dates

    Sunday, September 10th at 2:00pm

    Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30pm

    Character Descriptions

    There are roles for 8 men and 3 women.

    Gina Jones Pretty, rather timid young girl, not smart, but with possibilities.
    Sally Blunt Attractive woman of thirty-eight, full of vitality and brimming over with good humor.
    Sam Fletcher Middle aged, a rough, forthright type. Possibly North Country. A bit flashy but likeable.
    Felix Bogusian A very large, Croatian man with a beaming smile.
    Henry Panhacker A nervous, young man with an occasional stammer, he wears big horn-rimmed glasses
    making him look rather owlish.
    Jonathan Panhacker Henry’s father
    An Air Hostess
    Dr. Nolan An elderly man in a tearing hurry.
    A waiter in a luxury hotel
    Mr. Truscott Elderly and shrewd London solicitor.
    Mr. Moss A mournful looking man with black hair and moustache. He is dressed in somber black and
    has a deep mourning voice.

    Rehearsal Schedule

    Sunday 2:00-5:00/ Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-9:00

    Thursday, 14th 6:00 Read Thru
    Sunday, 17th 2:00 Rehearsal
    Tuesday, 19th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Thursday, 21st 6:00 Rehearsal
    Sunday, 24th NO REHEARSAL
    Tuesday, 26th NO REHEARSAL
    Thursday, 28th TBD
    Sunday, 1st 2:00 NO REHEARSAL Jellofish Performance
    Tuesday, 3rd 6:00 Rehearsal
    Thursday, 5th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Sunday, 8th 2:00 Rehearsal
    Tuesday, 10th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Thursday, 12th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Sunday, 15th 2:00 NO REHEARSAL
    Tuesday, 17th 6:00 NO REHEARSAL
    Thursday, 19th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Sunday, 22nd 2:00 Rehearsal
    Tuesday, 24th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Thursday, 26th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Saturday, Tech call Info to come
    Sunday, 29th 2:00 Rehearsal
    Monday, 30th 6:00 Rehearsal
    Tuesday, 31st 6:00 Rehearsal
    Wednesday, Nov 1 6:00 Rehearsal
    Thursday, Nov 2 6:00 Rehearsal
    Friday, Nov 3 PERFORMANCE
    Saturday, Nov 4 PERFORMANCE
    Sunday, Nov 5 PERFORMANCE
    Wednesday, Nov 8 Brush Up
    Friday, Nov 10 PERFORMANCE
    Saturday, Nov 11 PERFORMANCE
    Sunday, Nov 12 PERFORMANCE

    Strike and Cast Party immediately following

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    Auditions for THE STRANGER by Agatha Christie

    Auditions for Gaslight Theater’s late fall show, THE STRANGER by Agatha Christie, will be held Sunday, September 11th and Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30 p.m. at the Hallowell City Hall.

    Please bring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to auditions. Auditions are cold readings.

    4 Women, 2 Men—Minimum 5—Doris or Mrs. Huggins can double with Mrs. Birch

    Doris West—A nondescript girl of 28. Friend of Enid. Similar age.

    Mrs. Huggins—A middle-aged woman, housekeep, singing, cheerfully pessimistic. Husband controlling.

    Enid Bradshaw—A pretty girl of 28. Engaged for several years to a man who returns to marry her. Looking for some adventure.

    Gerald Strange—An attractive man of about 38. Looks like a man who has lived an outdoor life. He has rather a diffident, boyish manner, which endears him to women. There is nothing bold or flashing about him. Becomes somewhat self-centeredly mad.

    Dick Lane—A gentle man of 35, looking older than his years. He stoops a little and has a diffident manner. Rather meek at first but belatedly learns to speak his mind.

    Mrs. Birch—A thin, anemic looking woman with a flat depressed voice. She has none of Mrs. Huggins’ cheerful pessimism.

    Show dates are November 11, 12, and 13 and November 18, 19, and 20 at the Hallowell City Hall.

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    Auditions! Auditions for Fall Show!

    Auditions for Gaslight Theater’s fall show, The Whales of August, will be held Sunday, July 17th and Monday, July 18th at 7:00 p.m. at the Hallowell City Hall.

    The Whales of August is set at a beach house on an island off the coast of Maine where two widowed sisters have been summering for many years. The play is wistful and autumnal in mood… and filled with the bittersweet recognition that life, despite the alterations of time, must continue as best it can.

    Please bring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to auditions. Show consists of two acts with parts for three women and two men. All roles are intended for actors 50 and older. Auditions are cold readings.

    Show dates are August 26, 27, and 28 and September 2, 3 and 4 (this is Labor day weekend. Please do not audition if you already have other plans) at the Hallowell City Hall.

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    Auditions! Auditions for Summer Show

    The Gaslight Theater is holding auditions for I Hate Shakespeare, by Steph DeFerie, and directed by Meg Matheson.

    Auditions will be held Sunday, April 24 and Monday, April 25 at 5:30 at the Vaughn Homestead Pavilion in Hallowell. Show consists of comedic vignettes with doubling. Roles can be done by any gender; number and ages of cast can vary. Auditions are cold readings.

    Show dates are July 8, 9 and 10 in Augusta and July 15, 16 and 17 in Hallowell. If you are unable to make one of the audition dates, but wish to audition, please contact us.

    Please bring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to auditions.

    Auditions are at 5:30pm on Sunday, April 24 and Monday, April 25 at the:

    Vaughan Homestead Pavilion
    2 Litchfield Rd, Hallowell.

    I Hate Shakespeare

    I Hate Shakespeare by Steph DeFerie, directed by Meg Matheson will be presented on July 8, 9 and 10 in Augusta and July 15, 16 and 17 in Hallowell.

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    Auditions for Marriage is Murder, our next show is June 17 and 18 Hallowell City Hall at 6 Two actors — one man one woman as husband and wife

    “Marriage is Murder” by Nick Hall

    Show dates: August 24, 25, 26 & 31, Sept 1 and 2

    Showtimes are 7:30 pm Fridays & Saturdays, with Sunday matinees at 2pm

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