Our future builds on our past

Our line is the theater that we love and value.

Our aim as a group is to develop our skill in the theater arts and bring within reach of our talented people whatever in theater is good and lasting.

We want to provide the materials needed and the place in which to learn and grow, in the friendly companionship of creative minds, each following his own avenue of expression but held together by a common interest.

—Maybelle Tarr, Founder, Augusta Players

As we approached and surpassed our 75th anniversary, we recast our mission statment to reflect our current endeavors…..

Mission Statement

“Gaslight Theater carries forward a long tradition of providing quality live entertainment to the Capital Area community. Gaslight Theater seeks to provide a welcoming venue for artistic expression, education in the theatrical arts, and community engagement.”

…..and developed a long-term vision statement with an eye towards ensuring another 75 years of Gaslight Theater.

Vision Statement

“Gaslight Theater will serve the community from a home over which it has authority and which has the capacity to support its programs.It will operate in a financially stable manner, with adequate funds from earned revenue, fund-raising and an endowment.

It will maintain staff from a broad base of volunteer, paid administrative and technically proficient individuals and groups. Its programs will be diverse and serve all sectors of the community, continuing a long tradition of quality and inclusion while reaching into new and inter-disciplinary art forms of media, creative expression and dramatic arts.”