2023 Season,  auditions

Auditions for Fiddler’s Three by Agatha Christie


Trying to get their hands on more than a little inheritance group of people hide the body of a dead
tycoon. But what starts as a lark quickly becomes all too serious when they discover that the body is in
fact a murder victim.
A comedy about business and finance with a strong undercurrent of criminal activity, the play combines
humor, intricate plotting, and a confounding murder.

September Audition Dates

Sunday, September 10th at 2:00pm

Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30pm

Character Descriptions

There are roles for 8 men and 3 women.

Gina Jones Pretty, rather timid young girl, not smart, but with possibilities.
Sally Blunt Attractive woman of thirty-eight, full of vitality and brimming over with good humor.
Sam Fletcher Middle aged, a rough, forthright type. Possibly North Country. A bit flashy but likeable.
Felix Bogusian A very large, Croatian man with a beaming smile.
Henry Panhacker A nervous, young man with an occasional stammer, he wears big horn-rimmed glasses
making him look rather owlish.
Jonathan Panhacker Henry’s father
An Air Hostess
Dr. Nolan An elderly man in a tearing hurry.
A waiter in a luxury hotel
Mr. Truscott Elderly and shrewd London solicitor.
Mr. Moss A mournful looking man with black hair and moustache. He is dressed in somber black and
has a deep mourning voice.

Rehearsal Schedule

Sunday 2:00-5:00/ Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-9:00

Thursday, 14th 6:00 Read Thru
Sunday, 17th 2:00 Rehearsal
Tuesday, 19th 6:00 Rehearsal
Thursday, 21st 6:00 Rehearsal
Sunday, 24th NO REHEARSAL
Tuesday, 26th NO REHEARSAL
Thursday, 28th TBD
Sunday, 1st 2:00 NO REHEARSAL Jellofish Performance
Tuesday, 3rd 6:00 Rehearsal
Thursday, 5th 6:00 Rehearsal
Sunday, 8th 2:00 Rehearsal
Tuesday, 10th 6:00 Rehearsal
Thursday, 12th 6:00 Rehearsal
Sunday, 15th 2:00 NO REHEARSAL
Tuesday, 17th 6:00 NO REHEARSAL
Thursday, 19th 6:00 Rehearsal
Sunday, 22nd 2:00 Rehearsal
Tuesday, 24th 6:00 Rehearsal
Thursday, 26th 6:00 Rehearsal
Saturday, Tech call Info to come
Sunday, 29th 2:00 Rehearsal
Monday, 30th 6:00 Rehearsal
Tuesday, 31st 6:00 Rehearsal
Wednesday, Nov 1 6:00 Rehearsal
Thursday, Nov 2 6:00 Rehearsal
Saturday, Nov 4 PERFORMANCE
Wednesday, Nov 8 Brush Up
Friday, Nov 10 PERFORMANCE
Saturday, Nov 11 PERFORMANCE
Sunday, Nov 12 PERFORMANCE

Strike and Cast Party immediately following