Announced! Love Is Murder Cast!

First, thank you to everyone who came out to audition for this show! The talent each one of you brought was spectacular and we at Gaslight welcome all of you to return and audition for all of our thrilling and exciting shows lined up for 2023.

We also hope to see you come out in support of your fellow actors in Love Is Murder! Show dates are the weekends of February 10, 11 & 12 and 17, 18 and 19  at Hallowell City Hall Auditorium.

Valentina Hart – Kathleen Brainerd
Effie – Alicia Belmore
Tom Burns/Handsome Marine – Matthew Ferrin
Lydecker – Mike Clements
Leon Ketchem – Henry Quintal 
Jane Err – Tamara Lilly
Calamity Lovett – Marcia Gallagher
Pearl Sweet – Wendi Richards
Dr. Wintergreen/Pirate/Simon Grundy – Randolph Jones
Ed Fish/Don Alfredo – Melvin Morrison