show history


Year Month Production
1950 April Little Foxes
Hansel and Gretel (fundraiser)
October The Torch Bearers
1951 January Bell for Adano
April Ten Little Indians
May Jack and the Bean Stalk (fundraiser)
October The Velvet Glove (show #42)
1952 January The Petrified Forest (#43)
April Life With Mother (#44)
May Rumplestiltskin (fundraiser)
November Ladies of the Jury
1953 February The Corn is Green (Kerosene Circuit)
April Born Yesterday
November The Silver Whistle
1954 February The Hasty Heart
April The Happy time (#50)
November Harvey (#51)
Cinderella (Fundraiser)
1955 February Stalag 17
May My Three Angels
The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker
Sabrina Fair
1956 January Dial M for Murder (#55)
October The Tender Trap
November The Desperate Hours
December Nativity Scene
1957 April You Can’t Take It With You (#59)
Gentleman Prefer Blondes
1958 March Come Back, Little Sheba
Witness for the Prosecution
1959 May 27-29 Visit to a Small Planet (by Gore Vidal, directed by Maybelle Tarr)