Auditions 2020

This is background audition information for the
Gaslight Theater Productions of John Cariani’s Last Gas|
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January 26th and 27th at 6:30
January 26th at Hallowell City Hall Auditorium
NOTICE!!  The Monday January 27th Auditions have been moved because of city business and will instead take place at 6:30 at the Harlow Gallery, 100 Water Street in Hallowell

  The Red Building Just down the hill from City Hall

Show Dates March 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22
The Characters:

“Last Gas” is the land of last chances. It takes place in very Northern Maine at “Paradis’ Last Convenience Store. Last Gas, Last Food, Last Phone for Forty One Miles”. LAST GAS is a gently unpredictable love story, with a quiet tension under the surface. Cariani says “This play is not about the Red Sox. It’s about the quiet things that kill people, the internal what-ifs that we all experience, and the everyday choices that we make without thinking about the consequences that reach far beyond our imaginations or expectations.” Nat Paradis is a Red Sox-loving part-time dad who manages Paradis’ Last Convenient Store, the last convenient place to get gas—or anything—before the Canadian border to the north and the North Maine Woods to the west. When an old flame returns to town, Nat gets a chance to rekindle a romance he gave up on years ago. But sparks fly as he’s forced to choose between new love and old. LAST GAS takes a hilarious and heartbreakingly hard look at love lost and found, and at what it means to “get back to happy.”


John Cariani is an American playwright, best known for his first play, Almost, Maine, which premiered at the Portland Stage Company in 2004. It has become one of the most frequently produced plays in the world.


Casting note:
This play involves three generations:

  • Generation one: Dwight Paradis, Nat’s father and Troy’s grandfather
  • Generation two: Nat Paradis, Lureen, Nat’s high school sweetheart, Cherry, Nat’s ex wife and Troy’s mother, Guy, Nat’s best friend
  • Generation three: Troy, Dwight’s grandson and Nat and Cherry’s son. Therefore, Nat, Lureen, Cherry, and Guy must be able to play similar ages. Dwight must play approximately twenty years older than them, and Troy must play approximately twenty years younger than them.

Nat Paradis: Male, 30-50

(“PAIR-uh-dee) to play mid-thirties to early forties, a slight, seemingly harmless young man, a boyish, unassuming, likable, charming loser, ; he’s damaged goods, he is a wounded idealist. He’s lived his entire life in a remote area of Northern Maine running a gas and convenience store with his father.

He prefers to avoid conflict and does his best to appear “happy” or “fine” with his situation in life, but watching the Red Sox on television is usually the highlight of his day. In his heart he is seeking a way to “get back to happy” but change seems daunting. Good at seeming happy, he is a passionate Red Sox fan, runs his father’s gas and convenience store in
northern Maine. He’s been stuck for a while and he’s depressed about it.

He lives upstairs of the convenience store with his father, Dwight and his son, Troy, also stays with them on the occasion. Nat’s looking for direction. Years ago, he and his high school sweetheart, Lurene, had a plan to run away to NYC and begin a life together. Lurene did get away, but Nat never followed, and neither of them have really been able to move on since. Nat may still have feelings for Lurene. Trouble is that Nat may also be feeling a deep, puzzling kinship for his best friend, Guy.

Dwight Paradis: Male, 40-80

To play mid-fifties to early sixties, Nat’s father, a larger than life kind of guy, rough around the edges, substantial, loves a good time. A charming, affable guy who can be a bulldozer when he wants to make something happen that he believes should be happening.

He can be a bit inflexible and rough around the edges. He fancies himself a ladies man and pursues women too young for him with confidence. He loves a good time, but there remains a hole in his heart from when his wife left him, His son is a source of disappointment.

Guy Gagnon : Male, 30-50

to play mid-thirties to early forties,, Nat’s best friend and unemployed sidekick; a widower, loyal, stoic, steady, and overweight, he wants what’s best for Nat and believes they belong together. Guy’s been burned in the past by relationships.

He’s decided that he doesn’t have any more time to waste. Guy’s patient, honest, and has a wonderful, effective, deadpan humor, wry and dry. He’s ready to poke a stick at life and take a chance. His love for Nat runs deep.

He is much more complex than he appears. He wants Nat to stand up and take the chance at a future with him. Passionate Red Sox fan. A Zach Galifinakis type, he has a surprisingly grace ability to swing dance.

Troy Paradis: Male, 14-22

to play 16, Nat’s son, a substantial, impressive young man, bigger and stronger than his dad, an athlete and scholar with a future, wants to study aeronautical engineering.

He is a perceptive and intelligent young man, with a healthy dose of wise-ass teenager. He is eager to get out of Maine; and pursue his dream of becoming an astronaut. At heart he is a “good kid” who loves his dad. He also suspects he might have more strength and confidence than his dad and he is growing a bit protective of his father.

Troy is trying to understand his father – whom he dearly loves, and whom he dearly loves to tease. Despite his positive outlook, he’s truly worried about his Dad. He’s concerned that if Dad doesn’t “get back to happy”, his Mom might not allow them to spend much time together anymore.

Lurene: Female, 30-50

to play mid-thirties to early forties, Nat’s old flame, his former high school sweetheart. Who left Maine to chase her Dreams, today she returns home for the burial of her mother.

Feeling lost, disillusioned and dissatisfied with the life she’s created in New York, she is desperately looking for something to give it more meaning. Once the “golden girl” she left town for NYC to make something of herself. Had dreams of being an astronaut, but is a temp in a Manhattan office building.

She’s in town for her Mom’s memorial service. Lurene’s also here to see if she can rekindle a spark with Nat. She talks a he still loves Nat, but he doesn’t want her back. She is a little faster than the rest of the folks in her old hometown, dresses a little slicker, and is discovering that it hurts to not fit in anymore. She’s stuck as well, and is she’s had her heart broken and learned to emotionally armor herself from having it happen again. Saving a hard time moving forward.

Cherry Tracy Pulcifer: Female, 30-50

to play mid-thirties to early forties, Nat’s ex and Troy’s mother, she is stoic opinionated, and straightforward to the point of being blunt. She is rigid stubborn, and overly literal. Possessing a wry wit, she is a substantial presence of a woman who enjoys wielding the power and status of being a forest ranger.

She follows every “rule” in the book, and writes summons to people when her life feels out of control and she needs to feel more powerful, ambitious, substantial, a Forest Ranger, she’s outgoing and takes command, a problem solver, and a protector, who is frustrated in Nat’s inability to take control of his life. Yet, she’s stuck as well.

She’d like to patch up her relationship with Nat. She’s a large personality, but a real one. She recently lost 31 lbs (but still looks a bit “big boned”), and just wants to do what’s right.

Audition sides will be available at the audition.