Auditions 2020

Gaslight Theater in Hallowell, Maine will be including in their 2020 season, the new Musical Comedy Almost Cowgirls, by Valerie Bennett. 

Audition will be March 28th and 29th from 1 to 5 p.m. at City Hall in Hallowell, Maine. The music is canned music. No written music. 

The performance dates are June 18, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28.
This is a WORLD PREMIERE!!!! It will be special to be part of this premiere and get you names on the scripts for the rest of all time.

The audition songs are posted on the Almost Cowgirls Face Book page.

 They are: ON SECOND THOUGHT – sung by the character Jean; COWS sing backup on this song. SURFER HORSE – sung by the character Surfer Horse; COWS sing backup on this song.

The character list is below.

RAT RACE – sung by the character Mike/Miss Kitty; SECRETARIES sing backup on this song and I WANNA BE MISS KITTY. I WANT TO BE A COWGIRL – sung by the character Francis, DRAG COWGIRLS sing backup on this song. DON’T CALL US DOGGIES BLUES – sung by the COWS (3 women) FINALE SONG – sung by entire cast.

The canned music will be played at the auditions, anyone auditioning should learn these songs from the Almost Cowgirls face book page. Words will be provided at auditions. We are looking for folks that can sing and harmonize without written music.

SPECIAL NOTE: We need 3 men who can sing. We also need 3 women who can sing and harmonize. The men will be drag cowgirls in a beauty salon and will sing backup on I WANNA BE A COWGIRL. The 3 men will also play Curtis, the stage coach driver and 2 bandits; and the women will be COWS being herded to Dodge City. These women are the comedic back up for most of the songs sung on the Chisolm Trail. So, so folks, get your trios together for the auditions. Also needed are: 3 SECRETARIES who will sing back up on RAT RACE and I WANNA BE MISS KITTY. They also will be the CACTI on the Chisolm Trail singing back up for songs SOME LADY LIKE ME and OUT HERE.

THE BOSS –also plays HORACE, will sing the finale.


MIKE/MISS KITTY Mike works in the business world, probably finance, and is fed up with his life and his job. His wife has left him, so now he can freely be who he always wanted to be; Miss Kitty of Dodge City. Mike is a straight man who likes dressing as a lady. LADY/FRANCES Frances has left her cheating husband and wants to be a Cowgirl in a world of Cowboys. She disguises herself as a cowboy and gets a job running a herd of cattle to Dodge City. She is straight, but wants to prove she is as good as any man on the trail. CURTIS

Curtis is the stage coach driver. Straight and stupid. MISS LILLY Miss Lilly is not afraid of anyone and uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants. She hitches a ride to Dodge City with Curtis because she had an argument with her traveling party and wandered away and got lost.


The Secretaries are the back-up singers for most of the songs and also have their own song: DON’T CALL US DOGGIES BLUES.

THE BOSS/HORACE – The boss is Mike’s boss before Mike leaves for Dodge City.